3 Best blogs to follow about bingo

Everyday we come across various topic that bloggers write about. Sometimes, we may find what we are looking for, sometimes we may not. But if you’re a bingo fanatic and love to learn about bingo, these are the 3 top bingo sites’ blogs you must totally follow.

1. 888 ladies:

If you want to experience the most creative bingo blog, head to 888 ladies blog. 888 ladies can turn even the most boring information into something really interesting with its amazing creatives. The infograph tool it uses for its blogs is the most fascination part of 888 ladies bingo blog.

2. Wink bingo:

Yet, another creative bingo blog you must check out. Wink bingo blog represents the data very creatively and uses infographical presentation like 888 ladies. Wink bingo blog is specially useful for all the new players who struggle to learn the bingo terms, games and the how-tos. It gives a brief description on the games and all other information that the new players must know.

3. GameVillage bingo:

GameVillage blog must be your go-to blog for all types of bingo related topics, new updates and news on bingo. The GameVillage blog also has some fun blogs for the readers to enjoy when nothing else interests them. GameVillage not only writes about its games and promotions such as online bingo uk no deposit and other promos but also focuses on what happens in and around bingo throughout the world.

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